"If you ask my mother what I do for a living, she will tell you I was born with the gift of bringing dreams to life. Although have to admit it fills my heart with joy to hear her say that, I actually feel it's the other way around -it is my brides and grooms who make my dreams come true."

Eddy Martínez

Founder, director

Eddy, born in Arjona and raised in Cartagena, began his career with the Hilton International Hotel in Margarita Island (another piece of paradise in the Caribbean). It was there, in 2005, that he first encountered the world of event planning. After having suddenly found his passion, Eddy dove head first into every aspect surrounding the conception and delivery of events until becoming the Hilton's chief wedding planner.

After leading 230 weddings and simultaneously completing his degree in business administration, he returned to Cartagena to establish Casamar. With Eddy at the helm, Casamar has evolved into a fully integrated event planning company dedicated to creating spectacular, timeless, one of a kind celebrations that delight the most exigent and are worthy of a world-wide, five-star brand.

Casamar and its professional staff -some of whom have been with Eddy as long as ten years -create infectious, breathtaking weddings and social events in magical Cartagena de Indias.

Contact Eddy:

+57 304 2156302  |  eddymartinez@casamarcartagena.com